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 Hi everyone! My name is Melissa. I'm 25 years old and a fitness enthusiast. I wanted to share with you what got me into fitness and what I can do to help you. I started working out when I was 17 years old. I had just dropped out of high school, I had been drinking, doing drugs, and hanging out with people who were no good for me. I was battling with severe depression and had just left a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. Finally, I decided I was never going to allow myself to feel that powerless or hopeless again. I took control of my life and started working out. I was intimidated at first but slowly started to find comfort in the gym. Although it took me a while to see results physically, I was already feeling better mentally. So, why choose me as your trainer? Since I have been working out for years, I have gone through many trials and errors. I fell victim to misinformation on social media and went through a couple of years doing exercises that weren't beneficial. I now know exactly what works and have the shortcut so you don't make the same mistakes. Everyone deserves a chance in starting their fitness journey. No matter what barriers you may have, I'm here to help and guide you.

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